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June 19, 2007



Hello. I'm not sure I was talking about 'marketing' but I guess the point applies!


Cheers Matt. I'm sure you're right, it's all about my take out and the connections I made and in my head it became about marketing because that's what I do. Thanks for the great talk and for commenting.

Julie, writer

Lessons that are essential in life. It's not just simply about reading them however. It's also about understanding them and knowing how they should fit into your life. Here's another one you might want to add. If you're going to do something, you might as well do it well. A little lesson I go by. I remembered it as I was reading through lesson number 8.

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On your issue of learning to communicate with a phone, we've been working on that as well. My son won't really talk on the phone, but he is intrigued with how his voice sounds, so he will play on it. The biggest increase I've seen in using a device was when we installed an intercom between the 1st floor and the 3rd. His dinner job is to call his sisters down for dinner. Now he loves using the intercom and even plays some phrase response ritual games with them - the same thing he does face to face.

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I would be really interested to hear from anyone in the agile community who was successful in gaining a spot on the core PMBOK v5 committee. I hope there are some agile proponents represented. So please drop me a line if you were successful.

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I just don’t see how the right solution can be so tightly disciplined to a dollar figure. By all means, recognize that a problem has a cost attached to it, and therefore the solution must be limited by that financial context.


I really enjoyed this. My favorite was the last one as I love lists!

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